The Place for Advanced Dance fun, fellowship and friendship

Scott Pearce, CallerClub Caller
Scott Pearce will challenge you as he workshops DBD (dance by definition) advanced calls from various formations.

Kevin & Vicki Klein, CuerClub Cuer
Kevin & Vicki Klein are on hand to teach a phase IV/V round dance workshop before the squares begin and cue round dances between tips.


Sep 13 '22' Beginning A2 Class with Scott Pearce

Sep 23 '22' 52nd Anniversary Dance

Dec 17 '22 Dan Nordbye Alternating Class A2/Full A2

Dec 17 '22 Dan Nordbye Evening Plus

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Our Cuer

Kevin and Vicki Klein

Kevin & Vicki Klein, Whirl-A-Ways Round Dance Cuers

Kevin started square dancing in high school in 1969 while Vicki waited until 1980 when she and Kevin first started dating; and they both began round dancing in 1981. They were married in southern California in 1982 while continuing with their Plus square dancing and Intermediate round dancing. They moved to northern California in 1992 where their dance activities were put on hold to raise their two sons. They returned to their dancing activities in 2005. Vicki’s favorite round dance rhythm is Foxtrot while Kevin’s is West Coast Swing!

Kevin & Vicki are members of The International Association of Round Dance Teachers (ROUNDALAB), International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association (ICBDA), and Northern California Round Dance Teachers Association (NCRDTA). They currently serve on ROUNDALAB’s Board of Directors (2020-2023) and Executive Council (2021-2022); and Kevin served as NCRDTA’s Treasurer (2010-218) and President (2018-2020).

Kevin & Vicki have taught at two National Square Dance Conventions, six USA West Square Dance Conventions, three California State Square Dance Conventions, two Silver State Square Dance Festivals, and five Golden State Round Up Festivals. They have choreographed numerous round dances, many being featured as Rounds of the Month by other round dance organizations.

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